Fluke – Groovy Feeling

Although you’ve probably never heard of Fluke it is quite likely you’ve clapped ears on their music as it has appeared in a raft of movies like Matrix Reloaded, Sin City and Tomb Raider. Jon Fugler and Mike Bryant are the bands primaries and their field of expertise has seen them rise from the ashes of Acid House to create a more cerebral form of techno. ‘Groovy Feeling’ is taken from their breakthrough album ‘Six Wheels On My Wagon’ which among other things brought them to the attention of DJ Sasha (who went on to remix their single ‘Slid’). The songs video is particularly memorable featuring some unabashed dancing and quite a bit of underwater theatrics. Well, it impressed me until I was hopelessly snagged by the cut of the tune’s jig. The clean lines and wispy vocals are particularly uplifting and it certainly pushes the piece into the realms of the mystical school of IDM. KD

Fluke – Groovy Feeling

More Info: Fluke
Buy Album: [UK] Six Wheels on My Wagon [US] Six Wheels on My Wagon
Year: 1993

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  1. Anonymous
    June 26, 2006

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