Nine Black Alps – Shot Down

The spirit of Nirvana is alive and well. I know it seems a little odd at first but the ghost of ‘Drain You’ walks the corridors and staircases of ‘Shot Down’. Like the Seattle trio Nine Black Alps never lose sight of the tune behind the headrush combination of boisterous vocals and exhilarating playing. Guitars screech and tear on a rampage that is so euphoric it is near remarkable that Sam Forrest’s vocals manage to steal the show. The words spill from him with unrestrained haste but he peppers his delivery with such youthful charm that you can’t help but be enamoured. Expect a lot more like this on the bands debut album ‘Everything Is’ that came out in the UK last year but has only recently received a stateside release on Island. KD

Nine Black Alps – Shot Down

More Info: Nine Black Alps
Buy Album: [UK] Everything Is [US] Everything Is
Year: 2005

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