Rainer Maria – Burn

I’ve got to be honest, I had never heard of Brooklyn based Rainer Maria until ‘Burn’. Listening to it had me imagining a fresh-faced urchin agog with the world and her seemingly fruitless attempts at relationships. Surprising it is then to find out that Rainer Maria is in fact a threesome that have been on the go since 1995. Caithlin De Marrais is the voice and a good one it is too. Just on the right side of tortured it would be capable of producing goosebumps by a mere rendition of the alphabet. ‘Burn’ has a steady build up, made all the more enjoyable by the jangling riffs and elegant drumming. It is taken from the bands latest LP ‘Catastropher Keeps Us Together’ released on the Grunion label. KD

Rainer Maria – Burn

More Info: Rainer Maria
Buy Album: [UK] Catastrophe Keeps Us Together [US] Catastrophe Keeps Us Together
Year: 2006

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