Rollerskate Skinny/Favourite Sons – Swingboat Yawning/Hang On, Girl

Ok, enough of this backseat music for all the family. How about some glass shattering dynamism from one of Dublin’s forgotten bands? There are definite nods to My Bloody Valentine in Rollerskate Skinny’s epic ‘Horsedrawn Wishes’ (no doubt aided by Kevin Shields brother Jimi on guitar!). The band were led by the impressive mop topped Ken Griffin and bundled so much noise above what was often exquisite tuneage that it could initially be quite abrasive. The live experience was especially so, Rollerskate Skinny are the only band I’ve seen live where I had to retreat backwards to avoid ear perforation (although Mogwai have since come close). Thankfully Griffin has resurfaced several times in acts of un-Shields like adventure. His new band are based in NYC and are called Favourite Sons (praise be for european spelling). Included here is ‘Hang On Girl’ from their soon to be released debut album. While not as richly endowed as Griffin’s previous work it fairly spins by with assured confidence proving that there is life in the old dog yet. KD

Rollerskate Skinny – Swingboat Yawning

Favourite Sons – Hang On, Girl

More Info: Rollerskate Skinny & Favourite Sons
Buy Album: [UK] Horse Drawn Wishes [US] Horsedrawn Wishes
Year: 1996 – 2006

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