Smells Like Theme Spirit II

With the first phase over and the real exciting stuff about to begin here is a group of songs based around the theme of the World Cup. KD

The Wrens – Yellow Number Three

Buy The Wrens’s: [UK] The Meadowlands [US] The Meadowlands

The Spinto Band – Japan Is An Island

Buy the Spinto Band’s: [UK] Nice and Nicely Done [US] Nice and Nicely Done

The Redneck Manifesto – I Am Brazil

Buy the Redneck Manifesto’s: [UK] I Am Brazil [US] I Am Brazil

The Like Young – Sharp (is) Or Messi

Buy the Like Young’s: [UK] Art Contest [US] Art Contest

The Ivory Coast – Traveler

Buy the Ivory Coast’s: [UK] Clouds [US] Clouds

Zinedines – Twice Upon A Time

Buy Zinedines’s: [UK] Take Me Take Me [US] Take Me Take Me

The Go! Team – Junior Kickstart

Buy the Go Team’s: [UK] Thunder, Lightning, Strike [New Edition With Two Extra Tracks] [US] Thunder, Lightning, Strike

Ron Sexsmith – Not About To Lose

Buy Ron Sexsmith’s: [UK] Time Being [US] Time Being

Sambanana – Aquarela Do Brazil

Pele – Crisis Wins

Buy Pele’s: [UK] Enemies [US] Enemies

Page France – Chariot

Buy Page France’s: [UK] Hello, Dear Wind [US] Hello, Dear Wind

Owen – (no) Places To Go

uy Music By Owen:

Future Kings Of Spain – Venetian Blinds

Buy the Future Kings Of Spain’s: [UK] Future Kings of Spain [US] Future Kings of Spain

Rooney – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Buy Rooney’s: [UK] Rooney [US] Rooney

Beirut – Postcards From Italy

Buy Beirut’s: [UK] Gulag Orkestar [US] Gulag Orkestar

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