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With all this football I hardly know what month it is, let alone the day. So in the spirit of the moment here is a song for each one of them, some have tenuous links as you’ll discover but let’s just put this down to blogeotic license. KD

January – Contact Light
Buy January’s: [UK] I Heard Myself in You [US] I Heard Myself In You

On! Air! Library! – Feb.
Buy On! Air! Library’s: [UK] On Air Library [US] On!Air!Library!

Marching Band – Letters
Buy Marching Band’s: Marching Band EP

Talk Talk – April 5th
Buy: [UK] The Very Best of Talk Talk [US] The Very Best of Talk Talk

The Eighteenth Day Of May – Hide And Seek
Buy: [UK] The Eighteenth Day of May [US] The Eighteenth Day of May

The Like – June Gloom
Buy the Like’s: [UK] Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? [US] Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

Galaxie 500 – Fourth Of July
Buy Galaxie 500’s: [UK] This Is Our Music [US] This Is Our Music

Band Of Horses – St. Augustine
Buy Band Of Horses’s: [UK] Everything All the Time [US] Everything All the Time

Fiona Apple – Pale September
Buy Fiona Apple’s: [UK] Tidal [US] Tidal

Belong – October Language
Buy Belong’s: [UK] October Language [US] October Language

P:ano – All Of November…
Buy P:ano’s: [UK] Brigadoon [US] Brigadoon

The Slip – Children Of December
Buy the Slip’s: [UK] Angels Come on Time [US] Angels Come on Time

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  1. June 15, 2006

    Nice mix Hugger! Great to see Talk Talk and Galaxie 500 included.

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