The Flaming Stars – Ten Feet Tall

In what sounds like the intro drumming on ‘I Am The Resurrection’ quickly descends into an organ fest that the Inspiral Carpets would have been proud of. Led by vocalist Max Decharne (who used to be the drummer with Gallon Drunk) the Flaming Stars could never be labelled as Madchester fiends, not least because they crawled out of Camden several years after the event. They currently have a retrospective on release that dishes the dirt on 42 of their finest moments including their singles, choise b-sides and other rarities. ‘Ten Feet Tall’ sounds like Lou Reed has just walked into a bar with the coolest jamboree in progress, rather than upset the applecart he adds his dry tones to perfectly seal an unforgettable night. It’s cool, abstract and about as commercial as a Mark E. Smith rant. KD

The Flaming Stars – Ten Feet Tall

More Info: Unofficial & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] London After Midnight: Singles, Rarities & Bar Room Floor-Fillers 1995-2005 [US] London After Midnight: Singles, Rarities and Bar Room Floor-Fillers: 1995-2005
Year: 2006

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  1. June 7, 2006

    Ten Feet Tall is my favorite right now. thank you for posting this.

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