The Wombles – Superwomble

Perhaps the only song in the world that I know all the words to. You see when you are 7 and your record collections consists of five pieces of vinyl you tend to focus on the intricacies. The Wombles were cuddly creatures from a TV show from the distant past and apart from delighting youngsters they also came complete with a wonderful songwriter in the shape of Mike Batt. Batt has never really shook his association with the Wombles even though he has written songs as captivating as Art Garfunkel’s ‘Bright Eyes’ (from Watership Down) and the perennial Christmas standard ‘A Winters Tale’ (David Essex). More recently he has been working with Katie Melua. Of course ‘Superwomble’ is juvenile but it boasts some marvellous harmonies, a honky tonk rhythm and the best slapdash harmonica you’ll hear this side of the swamps. KD

The Wombles – Superwomble

Watch The Wombles Remember You’re A Womble

More Info: Mike Batt
Buy Album: [UK] The Very Best of the Wombles [US] Best of Wombles
Year: 1975

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