Dirty On Purpose – Your Summer Dress

Yet another bunch of kids from Brooklyn lighting up the sky with the effervescent emitted from their instruments. Dirty On Purpose’s new album ‘Hallelujah Sirens’ is really rather exciting because it recalls a genuinely exciting time in music when most of the underground pop being produced was dreamy in nature. So with Dirty On Purpose read an updated Pale Saints, a quieter Dinosaur Jr., a livelier Slowdive or maybe a dash of My Latest Novel. But, Dirty On Purpose also bring their own sensibilities to the table which leaves ‘Hallelujah Sirens’ sounding like one of the more exciting releases of the year. ‘Your Summer Dress’ is initially languid but soon disperses its sharp melodies to the 4 corners of your space. Harmonies float so elegantly it almost appears as if the band have discovered levitation for the common note. The magic fills the air in thick swathes and the noughties shoegaze movement takes one giant leap. KD

Dirty On Purpose – Your Summer Dress

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Hallelujah Sirens [US] Hallelujah Sirens
Year: 2006

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