Emperor Of Ice Cream – Soft To Touch

I used most of what I knew about this band the last time. I’ve since found out, however, that they were either called after a Wallace Stevens poem or a Brian Moore book. Emperor Of Ice Cream scattered to the 4 winds once they broke up, finishing up in such diverse acts such as Sylvia Saint and Bass Odyssey. ‘Soft To Touch’ was a b-side but remains their wide-eyed gift to the world. Forgive the quality as the mp3 has been lifted from a cassette tape, but I guess given its shoegaze outlook it seems kinda appropriate. Despite the hiss and pops the sense of adventurous melody is obvious. The guitars are sprightly and the singing is as luxurious as Mark Gardener during Ride’s peak releases. Let’s hope minor classics like this will never be lost. KD

Emperor Of Ice Cream – Soft To Touch

Year: 1994

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