Hope Of The States – Everything For Everyone

When they first arrived Chichester’s Hope Of The States seemed to offer something a little different. The tragic suicide of one of its members during the recording of ‘The Lost Riots’ merely added to the intrigue surrounding the band. Sadly, to these ears at least, the record was a mixed affair with the bands ambitions being held back by several ponderous efforts. I don’t listen to it anymore and a disappointing performance in Dublin in 2004 hardly helped. But at least ‘Everything For Everyone’ still sounds epic. The song appeared on a promo for the ‘Black Dollar Bills’ single and seems to have never made it beyond demo stage. Sam Herlihy’s vocals stray from time to time but the compassion that is expressed allied to the lush instrumentation makes for a heart swelling time. Hope of The States have just released their sophomore LP ‘Left’. KD

Hope Of The States – Everything For Everyone

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Year: 2006

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