Orbital – Out There Somewhere

I can remember the moment clearly; planning to meet a friend in a large record store was always a problem because our differing musical tastes often had us taking opposite paths. So while I searched high and low for that hard to find Boo Radley’s EP, he could be in a quandary deciding whether to plump for A Flock of Seagulls greatest hits or maybe that attractively priced Twilight Zone boxed set. But, that day was different because we both gravitated to the sound coming from the dance section. It was a full sound perpetrating digital bubbles so populated with interesting bits nothing else at that moment seemed to be able to compete. And, so it rambled generously for well over a dozen minutes while the two of us stood there like goofy kids nodding our heads in solidarity. Orbital have so many fine electronic moments but if I was to pick one that encapsulates their genius this would be it. It’s the sound on the 7th day as rivers ran for the first time and a tiny amoeba met one of its own for a spot of fun and frolics. KD

Orbital – Out There Somewhere

More Info: Orbital
Buy Album: [UK] Insides [US] In Sides
Year: 1996

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