The Charlatans – I Don't Want To See The Sights

In many ways ‘Between 10th And 11th’ is the Charlatans great lost album. Coming as it did after the baggy trip of ‘Some Friendly’ many fans seemed thrown by its more traditional reliance on guitars as opposed to Rob Collins psychedelic hammond adventures (his jail sentence at the time didn’t help). Many of the songs from the album have matured impressively, especially the cool detachment of ‘Can’t Even Be Bothered’ and precise angled melodies of ‘Weirdo’. The album opened with the scatty ‘I Don’t Want To See The Sights’ with its scraping guitar lines and Tim Burgess’s echo fed vocals. A few listens and the song soon loses its unfocused veneer, however, the meander is a deliberate ploy to highlight the rich bass/chord ensemble that forms the centrepiece of the tune about 3 minutes in. It’s a fluid piece of audio narcotic, a form of indie jamming that the band has struggled to replicate in recent years. You’d have to be bananas not to fall for it. KD

The Charlatans – I Don’t Want To See The Sights

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Buy Album: [UK] Between 10th and 11th [US] Between 10th and 11th
Year: 1992

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