The Marbles – Konstanz

The Marbles were from Roscommon (cold is a good way to describe it) and amazingly signed to ZTT in London at a very early stage. When Terry Woods of the Pogues became their manager it really seemed as if things were falling into place. Despite releasing a plethora of outstanding singles (‘Fallin Overground’, ‘My Eye’) the comfortable rockstar lifestyle was beyond them. The Marbles predated the summery sounds of the Thrills by several years but their harmonies were just as persuasive. Seamus Simon could often sound like a young Paul McCarthy and his ability to produce a sugar rush chorus was nearly always on the mark. ‘Konstanz’ initially appeared as a bonus track on the ‘Slip Into Sound’ single but was released in its own right on the ‘So Far Away’ EP. KD

The Marbles – Konstanz

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Year: 1999

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