The Positions – I Need You

If you’re a sucker for juicy brass bits wrapped up in a slice of quirky wonderment then your ears will be aglow at the sound of the Positions ‘I Need You’. Not only is it full of sweeping melodies but it’s also careful enough not to overdose on confection. Despite being available stateside since last year the Positions debut album Bliss! is finally getting a release in Europe courtesy of the deliciously named yesboyicecream records. The 6-piece from Washington have 2 singers that go by the names of Nicole Stoops (and conquers) and Ivan Ramiscal (whose a bit whimsical). They could likely become this years Architecture In Helsinki but it probably won’t stop there as they come pre-packaged with elements of Camera Obscura and the odd Phil Spector flutter. There are so many diverting adventures spread-eagled all over Bliss! there’ll soon be a queue of neighbourly sugar bowls outside your door enquiring after the magical noise. KD

The Positions – I Need You

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Bliss! [US] Bliss!
Year: 2006

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