A Cricket In Times Square – Fast, Cheap, Out Of Control

If you like your harmonies to be bludgeoned to within an inch of their lives then you’ll be salivating over A Cricket In Times Square’s ‘Fast, Cheap, Out Of Control’. Don’t know whether it was recorded in an airport hanger or if they dispensed with the noise reducing microphones but this thing springs from the speakers with more ingrained spirit and joie-de-vivre than a thousand soppy Jack Blunt numbers. The saving grace of course is the choppy riffs and distant vocals that recall shoegaze during one of its more lucid moments. Of course, Sweden’s South Ambulance produce this gold by the bucket load so if you are enamoured make your way down Labrador way. ACITS have good form boasting a couple of members from Alcian Blue at various stages of their development. Before you ask they actually come from Washington D.C. and all reports suggest they are releasing an album this summer. KD

A Cricket In Times Square – Fast, Cheap, Out Of Control

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Buy the bands s/t: [UK] A Cricket in Times Square [US] A Cricket in Times Square
Year: 2004

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