Ash – Petrol

You probably know them as the juggernaut shiny pop hit production line. But, there was a time when a trio of ‘guaranteed teenagers’ from a wee place in Northern Ireland struggled to release their debut record in-between studying for their school finals. Such was their bookish attitude that the lure of a tour with Green Day and Pearl Jam wasn’t enough to tempt them away from their exams. Well, the debut release ‘Trailer’ was finally born and it turned out to be a joyous expression of youthful vigour doused in angular hooks and Tim Wheeler’s effervescent lines. ‘Petrol’ was always my favourite, a speedball of activity that trembled under the weight of a sack full of melodies. Look deep and hard into their illuminating back catalogue and you’ll struggle to find a better example of their inherent dynamism. KD

Ash – Petrol

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Buy Album: [UK] Trailer [US] Trailer
Year: 1994

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  1. hutte
    February 4, 2008

    Yeah, Trailer…. One of my most precious records.

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