Dave Couse & The Impossibles – The World Should Know

Sometimes being a literate pop band just isn’t enough. Dave Couse persisted with A House until their logical conclusion, despite being with flush with the wherewithal it seemed that their fanbase was diminishing with each subsequent release. Couse launched his clever invective through a mixture of spoken/sung dialogue but the world just didn’t get it. So now almost a decade after his former bands demise he has decided on calling his backing band the Impossible and his album ‘The World Should Know’ (ironic to the end). While the album never scales to the majesty of A House’s most accomplished hour ‘I Am The Greatest’ Couse’s more restrained persona brings out the best in his tunesmithery. The title track is a pert little thing, jangling quite happily until Couse finds a chorus to die for. ‘I Always Be Grateful’ is an oldie, taken from A House’s debut ‘On Our Big Fat Merry-go-round’. Both exemplify the depth of talent at work and how one day he may be forced to rewrite ‘Endless Art’ with self referential nods included. KD

Dave Couse & The Impossibles – The World Should Know

A House – I’ll Always Be Grateful

Watch The Why Me? Video

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy A House’s: [UK] I Am the Greatest [US] I Am the Greatest
Buy Dave Couse’s: The World Should Know
Year: 2005

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  1. unknown
    August 21, 2006

    Aha! Great minds! Do you have a recording of ‘More Endless Art’ by any chance O-Hugger-One?

    Meant to say ages ago, I *love* those T-shirts!

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