Delakota – C'mon Cincinnati

Kasabian have cleverly nailed their intentions to the Manchester flag. Occasionally they can be kinda stirring but tune longevity is the one trick that have yet to master. ‘Club Foot’, so immensely off its rocker initially soon sags like a sweaty Shaun Ryder t-shirt. The thing is, they weren’t even the first round of Madchester admiring sorts. That honour is bestowed on the almost forgotten but wholesomely edible Delakota. Their album was called ‘One Love’ (hmmm) and came out all the way back in the latter part of the last century. It kicked off in terrific fashion through the bass heavy ‘C’mon Cincinnati’, a song so bedecked in so many Manc influences it’s a wonder it didn’t make it onto Bez’s recent compilation. You’ll also hear Screamadelica bubbling through on occasion, which pretty much ensures it should make it into everybody’s essential party songs folder. KD

Delakota – C’mon Cincinnati

Watch How It All Started

More Info: Delakota Biography
Buy Album: [UK] One Love [US] One Love
Year: 1998

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