For Those Who Know – Competition

Of late I haven’t been able to shift my focus from Austin, Texas. Not because of SXSW, that isn’t for at least another 6 months. It just seems that there is remarkable crop of new bands appearing over the brow of the hill from that part of the world. Not your average spotlight-hogging indie types either, sure there is a tad shoegazing going on but for most part a well conceived talent is the order of the day (don’t mind the Pitchfork barbs either). For Those In The Know are certainly ones to watch as their self-titled EP (7 tracks, which makes it a full blown album in most peoples books) ploughs exciting new pastures as much as it ingeniously plunders from the past (SY, 4AD, MBV, J&MC). The guitar is the focus although the rhythms for the most part are no pushover either. ‘Competition’ is the EP’s savvy opener, all Thurston Moore vocal embellishments and drifting chords in a twin tub it will doubtless make the hares standing on the back of your neck wish they had a better view of the 4 cool types making the music. For Those Who Know will presumably not be just for those in the know for much longer. KD

For Those Who Know – Competition

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy For Those Who Don’t Know: Those In The Know
Year: 2005

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