Holy Fuck – Cadio Bossa Nova

I don’t think electronica has ever sounded like this. I mean Underworld could pretty much isolate their human thought processes and feed them through the machines but then Hyde and Emerson were always level headed fellows. Now imagine a room full of freethinking, multi-spirited young things who don’t care for the devices, only what comes out the other side. Well, this is Holy Fuck, or Holy F**k as they are destined to be referred as. Let ‘Cadio Bossa Nova’ be an introduction to their take on music. The tune not only scares small household creatures but could also be the start of a supercult that bore witness to celestial beings who had ditched their craft building ways in order to soundtrack the inaugural winning performance of the inter planetary dance off. Oh boy, this is good stuff, probably won’t be getting much sleep tonight. KD

Holy Fuck – Cadio Bossa Nova

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy An: Unholy Racket
Year: 2006

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