Michael Knight – I Did It Biff's Way

Michael Knight - Youth Is Wasted On The Young

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In some ways ‘I Did It Biff’s Way’ is an new avenue of wonkatainment for Michael Knight but as a curtain raiser there’s no denying its appeal in closing the marvellous ‘Youth Is Wasted On The Young’ record. It reminds most of something that the underrated Swedish band South Ambulance might conjure. Of course Michael Knight mostly exist within the elaborate confines of being the first band out of Ireland to compare with the incomparable B & S. Right from the off the pulsating riffs set the momentum with Richard Murphy’s vocals riding the entourage like a champion chord surfer. You can picture the end of gig antics as the band decide its time to ditch the balanced harmonies in favour of a sublime feast of white noise. This is an intimate venue blowout at its most ebullient and the greatest achievement is the way it reveals hidden nuances slowly. The circular merry-go-round is shattered towards the end when the roof finally blows to reveal the sun, moon, a comet or two and an unknown galaxy of glittering stars. If this doesn’t shake your world then its probably time the doctor turned off the machine. Biff, bang, pow. KD

Michael Knight – I Did It Biff’s Way

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Year: 2005

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