Regina Spektor – Us

Everybody has their own story about how they stumbled upon Regina Spektor’s music. The Russian born singer with the big apple accentuated warble is certainly destined for big things. I had read that Spektor had been the girl who broke James Levy’s heart and in an apparent subtle move focused her attentions on one Julian Casablancas of the Strokes. Levy went on to write one of the most beautiful tunes about owning a broken heart and in the process Spektor’s act of betrayal was somewhat soothed. Then I heard ‘Us’ from Spektor’s 2003 album ‘Soviet Kitsch’ and I thought I was back listening to the theme tune to St Elmo’s Fire. Kudos to Spektor’s cascading piano riffs and the elaborate strings but they merely apply the icing on the cake because Spektor’s wonderfully expressive vocals are her trump card. It is a thing of rare beauty and her performance on ‘Us’ brings to mind early Kate Bush moments. Spektor’s new album ‘Begin To Hope’ is out now, as is the European introduction to the chanteuse called ‘Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers and Other Short Stories’. KD

Regina Spektor – Us

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Year: 2003

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