The Capitol Years – Juicers

‘Let Them Drink’ was Shai Halperin’s 3rd studio album in 4 years as the Capitol Years. It also announced Halperin’s decision to expand the bands membership and finally become a fully-fledged outfit. Up to this point Halperin had doodled successfully but for the most part he did so alone. The move meant that songs like ‘Juicers’ had a wider angle, the 60’s sensibilities and full blown harmonies remained intact but now came complete with shiny wings to elevate the ideas into the stratosphere. The dynamics on ‘Juicers’ are straightforward and most have been revealed within the first minute but such a propulsive avalanche of catchiness deserves many replays. Teenage Fanclub have been doing it this good for years so it is a genuine feather for Halperin that he more than matches the Glaswegian’s harmony drenched opuses. The Capitol Years are due to release their new album ‘Dance Away The Terror’ in September. KD

The Capitol Years – Juicers

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Let Them Drink [Us Import] [US] Let Them Drink
Year: 2005

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