Holland – Yellow For Brown Auslan

Feel like you are sinking in a sea of indie rock sameness. Fancy taking a left turn at the next left? Then perhaps Pockclock‘s Holland will do just nicely. With a new EP available for free download your escape route has been dug with reliable shafting arrangements. ‘Yellow For Brown’ and ‘Auslan’ are 2 tasters for what’s available. There are no discernible tunes, they just rattle along at an uneven pace frothing at a gaping electronic mouth. That said, both demand a plethora of listens, some which may even run concurrently. You’ll be confused, shook even, as to why you keep returning to something that all your normal senses are telling you should have long since floundered in the recycle bin. Holland is neither Dutch nor male but a set of computer images arranged to look like a young girl from Melbourne. Probably not at all true, but these days what is? KD

Holland – Yellow For Brown

Holland – Auslan

More Info: Official
Download & Donate: Holland EP
Year: 2006

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