Lone Wolf And Cub – I Will Hammerpunch Your Clavicle

There is something altogether heartbreaking about ‘Lone Wolf And Cub’, not exactly the band themselves (this is 5 lads who’ve only been together as a band since 2004) but their music, which peels away at your surface confidence to reveal the scared child within. Their new album ‘Wonder, is Ground on Frost?’ also sports some great titles like ‘Shinguard Explosion’, ‘Be There or be Tiananmen Square’ and this one ‘I Will Hammerpunch Your Clavicle’. Despite the threat of violence hanging in the air the latter brings forth nothing of the sort. This is post-rock that refuses to grow old, an instrumental with buried heart in the form of a glockenspiel and glistening wintry effects. Towards the end things get blurry as if one joyously rambling piece were superimposed upon another, it’s close to thrilling and perfectly snowcaps this enthralling adventure. KD

Lone Wolf And Cub – I Will Hammerpunch Your Clavicle

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Year: 2006

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