Tokyo Police Club – Nature Of The Experiment

There was a time about 2 years ago when it seemed that every essential new band had its origins in Canada. Of late things have been a little quieter but there have been intermittent bursts of tuneful creativity. Like Toronto based Tokyo Police Club who are about set their debut EP ‘A Lesson In Crime’ on the world (it has been a resident in the Canadian College charts for almost 6 months). And a frighteningly active little thing it is too. Take ‘Nature Of The Experiment’ with its early Prodigy yelps and ferociously tuneful guitar bursts. Here is a 122 second song that races from the traps like a greyhound that’s been cooped up for several hours, the energy is electrifying with David Monks half-scream (tuneful) pulling all the disparate parts into a bundle of near nuclear activity. On this evidence TPC will be filling their label Paper Bag Records with plenty of tiny treats in the near future. KD

Tokyo Police Club – Nature Of The Experiment

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy EP: [UK] A Lesson in Crime [US] A Lesson in Crime
Year: 2006

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