Eagle*Seagull – Photograph

Eagle*Seagull have been doing well in Europe of late, they’ve even managed to get into the Austrian indie charts! In fact reading much of their press requires the services of babelfish to work how glowing the reviews have been. Eagle*Seagull come from Nebraska yet their high octane adventures, historical clothing and Edi Mardock’s Butleresque whine (Robert Smithy also) has seen them garner plenty of Arcade Fire comparisons (there’s even a Butler in the band). Their debut album was released last October but it is seeing a welcome reissue that should enchant many listeners. ‘Photograph’ is a piano led epic that comes with an oh so cute video. The dramatics are laid on nice and thick and you come away from the experience a much more contented person. KD

Eagle*Seagull – Photograph

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Seagull [US] Seagull
Year: 2005

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