Harvee – Father Was A Gambler

Montreal is at it all over again as the French/English speaking collective Harvee unleash their ‘Sink Or Swim’ EP. The case for Harvee’s impending invasion of the record buying publics hearts sees ‘Father Was A Gambler’ sustain a breathtaking excellence throughout. It belches colourful plumes of activity in the form of dainty harmonies, propulsive rhythms and a glockenspiel on speed. Must be difficult to keep 6 band members busy all the time but this number’s vivaciousness could only be achieved through the dogged machinations of half a dozen musically well-heeled individuals. As the brass and organs soup it up towards the end you’ll likely become lost for words or merely unable to wipe the wide childhood grin from your face. Seems the fire has moved beyond the arcade. KD

Harvee – Father Was A Gambler

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Harvee’s: Sink Or Swim EP
Year: 2006

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