Pinback – Fortress

All clap your hands and shout yeah for a humble yet catchy indie single from San Diego’s Pinback. Comprised of a man with a long monikor (or Zach Smith for short) and Rob Crowe Pinback evolved out of several other bands back in 1998. ‘Summer In Abaddon’ was their 3rd album and contained this joyful nugget ‘Fortress’. It lollops along with characteristic grace; a voice approximates a hushed instrument and never detracts from the core momentum. The song also comes with a cute video (see below) that could give many a little Princess a scare at bedtime. Pinback released a compilation of demo’s and b-sides in September called ‘Nautical Antiques’ and are currently putting the finishing touches to their next album, due out in early 2007. KD

Pinback – Fortress

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Summer in Abaddon [US] Summer in Abaddon
Year: 2004

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