Scissors For Lefty – Next To Argyle

The Bravery were such an honest mistake. Their early singles were unconditionally fabulous but the album was ultimately a damp squid. Much like the scene that they were reprising they have turned out to be a pretty fab singles band, not so good long player purveyors. Scissors For Lefty plough a similar territory but the evidence so far suggests that they draw from a richer seam of talent. Coming from San Francisco they have been snapped up by the British based Rough Trade label. So far ‘Ghetto Ways’ has been the track that has systematically ripped through the blogosphere with the fervour of a prerecorded Sufjan fart. Instantly digestible and blessed with a brilliant bass riff it will be the star turn at the upcoming office Christmas party season. I prefer ‘Next To Argyle’ though because it twitches with a nervous energy rather than a sustained sense of confidence. Let it play its way into your psyche until you swell with an overwhelming sense of giddiness. KD

Scissors For Lefty – Next To Argyle

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Underhanded Romance [US] Underhanded Romance
Year: 2006

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