The Long Blondes – Christmas Is Cancelled

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What a magical time of the year. The normally gruff swap their sneers for joyous yelps while younger folk in silly hats press their reddened noses against windows lined with this years must have gifts. Even the chill in the air is embraced because there’s always a blazing open hearth available to share with someone special. Our TV screens light up with magical apparitions that’ll prise open our normally tightly gripped wallets and those old standards get their umpteenth airing. Shur, it’s hard to resist the timelessness of Bing’s card writing adventures or even Shane’s heartbreakingly romantic interludes. Yup, the end of October is one special time to be a member of the human race. Here’s the Long Blondes to get you in the mood! KD

The Long Blondes – Christmas Is Cancelled

Watch The Video To The Long Blondes ‘Automony Boy’

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Someone to Drive You Home [US] Once & Never Again
Year: 2006

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