The Rewinds – Ghostriders

Some people reading this won’t have been around when the committed wasted long hours putting together a mix tape. It’s so easy nowadays, a hard drive, blank CD and free burning software is all it takes to promote your taste in music. Forward, rewind, pencilling in the half chewed plastic brown, endlessly pressing play and record (at the same time) ultimately lead to short spells of dizziness yet a certain sense of pride emerged as the promised land that was the 90 minutes mark was met by fade out on the final track. Perfect! Mix tapes were made for bands like the Rewinds because their songs are self-contained rhapsody’s that show up the competition for all its lumpen prancing. ‘Ghostriders’ is instantly likeable, sweetly struck guitars meet a molten melodic chorus that is as fresh as a young sailor in a cyclops cave. Not surprisingly its ready charm has led to its inclusion onto several indie mag compilations and its appeal will surely thrust these Alabama natives into the spotlight. KD

The Rewinds – Ghostriders

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Buy Album: [UK] The Rewinds [US] The Rewinds
Year: 2006

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