The Ruby Tailights – Buenos Aires

It may be hard to spell but Buenos Aires sure does pack a punch, not least since the economy meltdown a couple of years back. Strolling through its streets can feel like a visit to a historical European city but it also beats with that bubbly Latino spirit. So it only seems natural that a band would want to sing about its charms and that’s what Martin Kelly’s new band have done. Kelly was a member of the mid-nineties blast that was Sunbear and his new initiative is shaping up just as sweetly and a little cuddlier (Danielle Harrison’s cooing on ‘Buenos Aires’ certainly elevates matters). The ‘Switch’ single has already left a glorious fuzzy mark (available for free download from the bands website btw) and the new album ‘Dressing Up’ promises to bring the summer back from the brink of winter. With the official album launch still a couple of weeks away ‘Buenos Aires’ will do just dandy. KD

The Ruby Tailights – Buenos Aires

Watch The Video To Switch

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: Dressing Up
Year: 2006

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