The Stone Roses V Lily Allen – Water Lilly (Sam Flanagan Mix)

‘Waterfall’ has been mashed up before of course. If you ever saw the Stone Roses in concert you’d have witnessed Ian Brown doing a pretty good job of annihilating the precious tune all on his own. That said, the very thought of a non-stone-rose messing about with this bona fida classic might be akin to animal cruelty for some Roses fans (me!). Kudos then to Sam Flanagan, DJ, who has created a magical union from Lily Allen’s ‘LDN’ vocals and the backing track to ‘Waterfall’ (the non-album version with trippy beats). The marriage is remarkable, utterly irresistible and pretty danceable to boot. Flanagan has a host of other mash up’s on his myspace page but they struggle to challenge the seamless joinery achieved on his Water Lilly (hmmm, cute). No indie disco worth its salt should be without this. Lily Allen has at last become what she set out to be; a sugar spun sister. KD

The Stone Roses V Lily Allen – Water Lilly (Sam Flanagan Mix)

More Info: Offical & Myspace
Year: 2006

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  1. Anonymous
    May 6, 2009

    nice one!

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