Wild Cherry Tonic – The Canna Refund

This song is taken from a compilation called ‘Music from Ireland: Breaking Sound Barriers – Volume 2’ released in the mid-nineties. The album was a stuttering attempt to prove that there was more to the Emerald Isle than flailing legs and technofied traditional music. As is normally the case with these things I know next to nothing about Wild Cherry Tonic except that they came from Dublin and were on the go from about 1991 to 1994. One other snippet gleaned from the internet is that one of its members Brian Hogan is currently a member of the experimental trad collective known as Kila. ‘The Canna Refund’ has dated slightly but that doesn’t quell its baggy spirit, forget the turgid shimmering chords, there is more life to the ecstatic chorus than 2 Kasabian long players. Dancing to it would probably have been more fun with long hair and copious amounts of alcohol but I’m sure these are the occasions some reflect on as the best of their life. KD

Wild Cherry Tonic – The Canna Refund

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