Antarctica Takes It! – I'm No Lover

Music that flies by the seat of its pants can sometimes eclipse its more polished cousins for sheer excitement. And so it came to pass that ‘I’m No Lover’ by Antarctica Takes It! has gotten me into a lather over the last few days for its beat up vinyl stylings. By all accounts the Santa Cruz’s bands debut album ‘The Penguin League’ was recorded using some sort of analog device that was prevalent in the mid seventies. So, it might not sheen like a Beirut canvass but the brass and genuine mayhem in this 90-second wonder is enough to give palpitations of delight to those in awe of real music. ATI! are currently recording new material for a second album even though their debut only came out in mid summer. This time they’ve ditched the scratchy tape and upgraded their recording gear so let’s hope the studio tricks don’t destroy their inner treats. KD

Antarctica Takes It! – I’m No Lover

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Year: 2006

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