Can Joann – Thicker Skin

I’m all for music that creeps up on you but Can Joann take the notion a step further. I have been chipping away at their debut LP ‘Hurt People Hurt People’ for weeks now, all the while admiring their slightly camouflaged Strokes like forays, but it’s only in the last few days that the hidden extras have started to reveal themselves. ‘Hurt People Hurt People’ is superficially enjoyable but by extending your time together you’ll figure out that many more rewarding treats lay deeper inside its grooves. There’s the cracking jangle of instrumental ‘Endure En Vogue’ to be absorbed or the enticing exploration of ‘Wine Colored Casket’s vast melodic vaults to look forward to. ‘Thicker Skin’ is another gem that exposes Can Joann’s considerable array of strengths such as the shuddering rhythms, shimming riffs (Ryan Benjamin) and Joel Peck’s commanding yet vibrant vocals. All told this is another band to fall head over heels in love with. KD

Can Joann – Thicker Skin

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Year: 2006

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