Explosions In The Sky – Yasmin The Light

Leaving aside my silly attempts at trying to twist my last.fm profile into what I think it should read I’d have to say that no other group in the last few years has given me more pleasure than Explosions in the Sky. This from a Texas band that never utters a single word, often commit constructs of interminable length and can search in vain for the holy grail that is the memorable riff yet still bring something worthwhile to the table. Their most recent release ‘Earth Is A Cold Dead Place’ is undoubtedly their classic yet a casual trawl through their discography uncovers an enviable wealth of post-rock masterpieces. No more so than ‘Yasmin The Light’, a song that could break Waterford crystal with its early shot of white noise. This is Mogwai at full tilt and it really could scare small woodland creatures so be warned. What follows is a ragged chime fest that is remarkable for its lucid dexterity. EITS are due to perform twice in New York this month a European tour is planned for early in the new year. KD

Explosions In The Sky – Yasmin The Light

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Year: 2001

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