Oakley Hall – Lazy Susan

What have we here? ‘Lazy Susan’ being a distinguished beast with a multi-faceted personality that skirts through enough genres to appeal to the broadest cross section. My Dad could have his Kenny Rogers urges sated and yet I’d also be there approximating a ridiculously impoverished attempt at a dancing Dandy Warhol. This is raw and dirty yet as aspiring as a Clinic track that has somehow taken the wrong exit off the dusty farfiso highway. The drums are precocious and the dual boy/girl vocals recall a time when wearing flowers in your hair didn’t necessarily mean that you’d just crashed into the botanic gardens. ‘Lazy Susan’ are from Brooklyn, an epicentre of all things necessary at the moment, and seem the hold the expressed intention to make alt country at least palatable to rock audiences. Well, they’ve succeeded and matched their achievement with a tour with Calexico. Keep it country. KD

Oakley Hall – Lazy Susan

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Gypsum Strings [US] Gypsum Strings
Year: 2006

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