San Saba County – More Than Me

San Saba County lies on the skirts of Austin and from its dusty populace of 6,000 came forth a band headed by one John Saba with bushels on their mind. The scraps I’ve heard tend to suggest that San Saba County are keen to play the pleasant alt country card. ‘More Than Me’ is perhaps a short scenic detour but it had me lassoed immediately. It’s taken from the bands second album ‘Its Not The Fall That Hurts’ and provides an entrée with an altogether pleasant aroma, gentle jangling and a vocal that never strays too far from its musical backdrop. It’s subtle and perhaps too genial for many but it could be all you’ll need to make a 10-minute session on a rocking horse feel like you are sashaying into a golden sunset. KD

San Saba County – More Than Me

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: Its Not The Fall That Hurts
Year: 2006

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