She, Sir – The Clandestine

Since it seems Kevin Shields is unlikely to record anything with MBV any time soon we’ll have to make do with the slipstream. And they don’t come much better than She, Sir (ok, they have some competition from the Fleeting Joys). ‘The Clandestine’ could so easily have sidled alongside the luxurious confines of ‘Loveless’, with unfocused guitars so elaborately layered, percussion that could puncture a baby’s skin and a vocal like a cool winters breeze through an amusement park. If Mr Shields hadn’t been there first you could quite literally be knocked for six such is the dynamism of the Austin bands output. But, M. Grusha and Russell Karloff are not monsters for trying to soundtrack a generation’s happy memories. Perhaps there is room for a loveless genre, perhaps it could be the new hip-hop and She, Sir will at the top giving it their 50 cent. She, Sir’s debut EP ‘Who Can’t Say Yes’ is out now, only the shallow could resist. KD

She, Sir – The Clandestine

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy EP: Who Can’t Say Yes
Year: 2006

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