The Diableros – Sugar Laced Soul

Cruising myspace for another band to fall in love with can often be a lonesome experience. But, all the moments of dross dressed as three chord wonders are worth it when something as lovesome as the Diableros jump into view. Looks like this Toronto band don’t even have an offical site, the distribution of their record also looks decidedly threadbare yet half an hour spent carousing their wares is nothing less than a rapturous affair. They’ve left all 4 tracks open for distribution so the word should spread with the ferocity of an Australian bush fire if there’s any justice. Frenetic yet also prone to ecstatic moments of clarity, Pete Carmichael could yet prove to be this years most interesting frontman. And its not only his schizophrenic vocal style that transfixes, the band churn their instruments in such a hypnotic way it’d be easy to lose several days behind drawn curtains basking in the wholesome buzz. Included here is the contemplative pit bull illusion that is ‘Sugar Laced Soul’, quite the perfect introduction to one of 2006’s most promising newbies. KD

The Diableros – Sugar Laced Soul

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Working Out Words [7″ VINYL] [US] You Can’t Break the Strings in Our Olympic Hearts
Year: 2006

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