The Sound Of Young Ireland (Vol. 2)

Tantalising titbits from the isle that scooped 3 consecutive Eurovision Song Contests. An occasional series that promises the best of Irish without the wild leg movements. KD

The Claremen pluck for a stunning chord volley.

The Walls – To The Bright And Shining Sun

More Info: The Walls

Making cool electronica a reality on the freezing western seaboard.

Cane 141 – Foxy Trot

More Info: Cane 141

Touted and doubted in equal doses, Humanzi finally come good.

Humanzi – Out On A Wire

More Info: Humanzi

Sometimes David Kitt backing band prove they’re capable of small moments themselves.

Jape – Floating

More Info: Jape

Ginger haired, wired to the moon yet they still steal our attention.

The Revs – You Shine

More Info: The Revs

Seems that last verse of their dumb punk song sunk the good ship Woodstar.

Woodstar – Sorry Skin

More Info: ?

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