Beat Radio – Treetops

Apart from being one of the friendliest people on the web Brian Sendrowitz also sings, plays guitar and writes songs for his band Beat Radio. The New York collective have been promoting their lovely debut album ‘The Great Big Sea’ for most of year and have been far sighted enough to give it away for free at their official website. ‘The Great Big Sea’ has the feel of a sleeper hit, nothing punches you between the eyes immediately but the music gradually infiltrates your taste buds until you succumb. The songs have a soft rock lilt, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon’s flick through the papers or as a relaxant to coax a hangover from your body. The album works best when played as a whole but one or two tracks could properly hold their own on a mix tape. ‘Treetops’ is a note perfect indie rock gem, all scuzzy atmospherics with Sendrowitz acrobatic vocals acting as a beacon among the confusion. A band to watch in 2007. KD

Beat Radio – Treetops

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Beat Radio’s: The Ecstatic EP
Year: 2006

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  1. December 29, 2006

    hey, i realize i’m a little late in commenting here, but i think the way you characterize their music is spot-on. and brian IS one of the friendliest people on the web. i am one of beat radio’s biggest fans and i think their music deserves a much wider audience. : )

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