Sol Seppy – 1 2

Imagine Nina Hynes covering a delicate Stina Nordenstam piece with intriguing Love Babies undertones, all backed with a scattering of seasonal electronica. Of course Sophie Michalitsianos (Sol Seppy) debut album ain’t no Christmas album, it was released last spring. Sol Seppy is classically trained and has toured with Sparklehorse but the ‘The Bells of 1 2’ is her all her own creation. Spacious and atmospheric it blends Michalitsianos ethereal singing with all manner of exotic instrument eclectically juxtaposed. It won’t hit you straight away because there is hidden depth throughout the album. ‘1 2′ is a nice starting point because its fragility is immediately soothing. The digital ramblings more than match Michalitsianos’ hushed delivery to leave a luxurious carpet of sound that will resonate throughout your frame. KD

Sol Seppy – 1 2

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] The Bells of 1 2 [US] The Bells of 1 2
Year: 2006

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