The Frank & Walters – New York

You’d have thought it might have been Broken Social Scene, Peter Bjorn & John or Belle & Sebastian but my favourite gig of the year occurred last night in the Olympia Theatre. And this was no old timer trying to reenact his love for this band, this was a remarkable performance from the Frank & Walters. The Franks have been on the go for 15 years and despite losing one of the original gang they remain an undimmed live pleasure. Paul Linehan has a distinct voice, it often feels at odds with the jangling ensemble that surrounds it but somehow it works. With a new album ‘A Renewed Interest In Happiness’ (and attendant ‘A Renewed Interest In Franks T-shirts’ t-shirts) just released there still may be time for the world to correct its wrong and make them the stars they deserve to be. The highlight of the gig was ‘New York’ from the ‘Glass’ album, which featured a remarkable vocal performance from a young female singer (who was she?). My spine crackled, my ears wiggled and my neck hairs swished like barley on a summer breeze. The studio version doesn’t do this song justice so get out and see this treasureable band play it live. Also here is the Franks latest single ‘Miles & Miles’, a pretty tune that you can whistle to. KD

The Frank & Walters – New York

The Frank & Walters – Miles And Miles

Watch The Video To Miles and Miles

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: Fifa Records
Year: 2006

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