Autamata – Jive County

If ever a tune deserved to back some trendy advertising campaigns it’s Autamata’s ‘Jive County’. Why, well it’s not too often that you hear something as consistently pleasing while at the same time utterly inoffensive. ‘Jive County’ is the work of Mayo producer/musician Ken McHugh and is taken from his bands (Carol Keogh and Cathy Davey being the other members) debut album ‘My Sanctuary’. McHugh was brought up on a diet of traditional music and you can pick up on the spirit of that art form in his compositions. A sound engineering course quickly saw his production skills put to good use and it’s doubtful whether David Kitt’s ‘The Big Romance’ (ah, the electronic diversions make more sense now) would have sounded so all encompassing without him at the helm. Hopefully though it’ll be Autamata’s own sonic inventions that McHugh will be remembered for. KD

Autamata – Jive County

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Buy Album: My Sanctuary
Year: 2002

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