Blur – Sing

Albarn get back to what you do best and release a Blur album. Am I the only one getting increasingly bored with him out of Colchester’s constant reinvention? He’s a talented lad, no doubt but there most be a million things in the world more exciting than sitting down to listen to an album full of the Good, the Bad and the Queen. I’m sure it’s brill and I will get around to listening to it some time this winter but surely it’s a case of delaying the inevitable. Coxon will be coaxed back; despite his colourful burst of noise little of his solo output seems to have stuck. Then, we can admire the process that makes Blur such a colossus, the true flag bearers of Brit Pop (baggy, slacker rock, indie electronica etc.). So enough of these cartoon bands and super groups that are mere excuses for collective back slapping and fine nights out down the Camden Arms. Damon in the name of good music, just sing. KD

Blur – Sing

Watch The Video To Chemical World

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Leisure [US] Leisure
Year: 1991

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