Cathy Davey – Sing For Your Supper

This is the same Cathy Davey mentioned in the Autamata post of a couple of days ago. The same CD who appeared on Elbow’s ‘Grace Under Pressure’ (from their middle album ‘A Cast of Thousands’) and the same Dublin lass who has shared a stage with ace troubadour’s Willy Mason and David Kitt. While Davey admits to dreading the whole experience of standing on a stage in front of hundreds of adoring fans the idea of chucking some ideas together in the form of a demo doesn’t phase her whatsoever. And so every now and then she sneaks songs like ‘Sing For Your Supper’ onto unsuspecting internet trawlers whose expressed aim is to find the music that really matters. ‘Sing For Your Supper’ is certainly special, as delicate as crumbling hobnob with the added fascination of a militaristic rumble not seen since the early moments of Agincourt. KD

Cathy Davey – Sing For Your Supper

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Something Ilk [US] Something Ilk
Year: 2004

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